Stamped Concrete Driveway Extension.

Project Description

This stamped concrete driveway extension was done in Ashmore on the Gold Coast. This house had a 4 vehicle carport, so he wanted to allow more access for the cars to get in to all carports. Along the walls of this job there was gardens filled with large palm trees and rocks and had to be excavated down over 600mm. We had done the Flemish stamp in plain concrete due to the original driveway losing its colour. So later on when the home owners seal the whole driveway, they can seal it in whatever colour they choose too and all at once.

Prior to starting this job, the home owners had already had it all excavated out and ready to form up. We did however have to do a bit of hand digging to trim it up and ensure all the falls and heights were going to be correct. The home owners also supplied the cracker dust and we used and compacted about 5 wheel burrows of it. We placed all the boards in and set the all at the correct heights and falls. We drilled, dowelled and able flexed all existing concrete and laid the SL82 steel mesh into the stamped concrete driveway extension. We placed some N12 re-bar in some places to help prevent further cracking. Once this was all done, we chaired and tied all steel together.

The concrete was supplied at 25 MPA by Q-Crete and poured directly out the chute at 110mm thick. The job was edged and stick trowelled a number of times and a tool jointer was used to place the control joints. We then sprayed the stamped driveway extension concrete surface with a clear release agent to stop the stamp mats from sticking to the concrete. We were then able to do the stamp impressions.

This job took 2 days to complete.

Project Details

  • Date July 12, 2017
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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