Plain Concrete Footpaths- Arundel.

Project Description

Plain concrete footpaths done for previous customers of mine from back in 2006 where I had concreted their 6m x 3m garden shed slab. This job was done over in Arundel. It was approximately 30 square meters.

Not a whole heap of excavation was required for the plain concrete footpaths. There was only 1 truck load of waste material that had to be excavated, carted and dumped for this job as well as a bit of plumbing that was needed to be done prior to forming up the concrete footpaths. Grate drains were placed all along the retainer wall and plumbed into the storm water pipes.

Once the sub base was levelled and compacted we were able to place the able flex where it was required and lay the SL72 steel mesh into the job site. We also had to place plastic along the retainer wall to prevent any splashing and mess being made. Once all the steel was in place we were then able to tie and chair it all.

The following day we barrowed the 25 MPA Q-Crete plain concrete into the jobsite. This was poured in at 110mm thick all throughout. Once all the concrete was in we then gave it a couple of hits with the edger and 5-6 hits with the trowels. We also used the tool jointer to place all the control joints into the plain concrete footpaths to help prevent future cracking in the concrete. We then finished it off using a broom to give it that non slip surface.

It was a hot day pouring this job and the sun was directly hitting the plain concrete footpaths all day but it didn’t go off any quicker than usual but once it started to go off it was non stop until the end.

Project Details

  • Date October 19, 2018
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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