Plain Concrete Footpath- Cedar Lake Country Resort.

Project Description

This plain concrete footpath was done at Cedar Lake Country Resort which is in Advancetown out the back of Nerang. The original footpath that was there was starting to lift in some areas and the steel mesh was starting to come out of the top of the original concrete.

I got to use the big 3.5 tonne excavator to remove the footpath out of the job site. Altogether there was approximately 40 tonne that had to be excavated out, carted away and dumped. A lot more care factor had to be taken into account while excavating out the concrete due to the grade of the hill it was sitting on.

Once all the excavation work was done we were then able to begin forming the plain concrete footpath up. We pegged all the boards into place. We drilled and dowelled into all existing concrete. We then cut and laid the SL 72 steel mesh and the N12 perimeter bar into the job. Once all the steel was in we then tied it and placed chairs under it. With the chairs sitting underneath the steel mesh, it ensured we would have roughly 40mm of coverage with the concrete in place.

The next day we used a long line pump to pump the Q-Crete 25 MPA plain concrete footpath at 110mm thick. While the concrete was being pumped, one of the boys were screeding the concrete flat. Once all the concrete was pumped in we then gave it a bull float and began edging it. We hit it with the edger 3-4 times. We used the tool jointer on this plain concrete footpath to place all the control joints in and also used the trowels 5-6 times before finishing it off with a broom to give it that non slip surface.

This plain concrete footpath took around 3 days from start to finish.

Project Details

  • Date November 29, 2018
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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