Plain Concrete Footpath.

Project Description

This plain concrete footpath was done in Southport which is in the heart of the Gold Coast. The homeowner concreted majority of the surroundings on his own, but due to getting older decided to call in the professionals.

There was quite a fair bit of excavation work that was required to get all the humps and bumps out and ensure the concrete footpath would run flat and leveled in the same direction. All the spoils that were removed out of the job, the homeowner reused to fill in around the finished plain concrete footpath. Once all the excavation work was completed, we were then able to begin the formwork.

We began forming up by placing and pegging all the timber where it was required. We then drilled and dowelled into all existing concrete. We placed able flex where it was required and we also laid plastic in different area to avoid making a mess from the splashing of the concrete being poured into the concrete footpath. We then layed the SL 72 steel mesh into the job and placed N12 reinforcement bar around the perimeter of the concrete footpath. We then tied all steel together.

The following day we barrowed in the 25 MPA Q-Crete plain concrete into the job site. We did chair the steel mesh as we were pouring the concrete in, to ensure the steel would be sitting correctly underneath. The plain concrete was poured in at 110mm thick throughout the whole job. Once all the concrete was in, we screeded it flat, bul-floated it and began to hit it with the edger and trowels half a dozen times. We used the tool jointer to place all controls joints in as we worked the plain concrete footpath. We then finished it off using the broom, to give it that non slip surface.

Project Details

  • Date March 6, 2019
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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