Plain concrete footpath.

Project Description

Plain concrete footpath done down one side of this homeowners property. This was done at Hope Island on the Gold Coast. Before the plain concrete footpath was completed this section of the house was just dirt and bark and when it rained it caused a big mess. Concreting also made it more user friendly and in the near future the homeowner is wanting to place a little garden shed down the end of the footpath.

There was not much excavation work that was required for this. We did have to remove the original concrete slab that the air conditioning unit was sitting on. We also had to bring in approximately 1 tonne of road base and compact it down.

Once all the excavation work was done and all the cracker dust was compacted in we were then able to put all the form work in place. Once the boards were in place, we drilled and doweled into all existing concrete and placed able flex where it was required. We cut the SL 72 steel mesh and placed it into where the plain concrete footpath was going to be. We placed the N12 perimeter bar where it was needed. We then tied all the steel together. We only chaired the steel as we barrowed the concrete into the job site.

The following day we barrowed the 25 MPA plain concrete supplied by Q-Crete into the concrete footpath at 110mm thick. Once all the concrete was poured in, screeded flat and bull floated we were then able to begin hitting the concrete footpath with the edger and trowels. We hit it 3-4 times with the edger and 5-6 times with the trowels. For this job we finished with a nice stipple finish.

I did return the following day to use my soft cut saw to place the control joints in place to prevent from future possible cracking.

Project Details

  • Date February 19, 2019
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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