Plain Concrete Driveway Crossover.

Project Description

Plain concrete driveway crossover and wheelie bin parking area done at Arundel on the Gold Coast. The owner wanted to create a crossover for easier access into his driveway. And where the wheelie bin parking was placed was originally all just river stone pebbles.

We first started off saw cutting the front to the driveway out to create the plain concrete crossover. We also removed all the river stone pebbles and dirt out of the garden area where the wheelie bin parking area was going to be placed. All the spoils were carted away and dumped. Once all the excavation work was done, we then began forming up the plain concrete driveway crossover and wheelie bin parking area. We drilled and doweled into all existing concrete. And placed able flex where it was required. We cut and placed the SL 82 steel mesh into both the jobs.

The following day we poured the both the plain concrete driveway crossover and the wheelie bin parking area. This was poured directly out the Q-Crete truck chute at 32 MPA and poured into the driveway crossover at 125mm thick. Once it was all screeded and bul floated we then began hitting it with the edger 3-4 times and half a dozen times with the trowels. We then finished it off with the broom and gave it a non slip surface.

This job was done to council specifications. The customer was very happy with the end result. He was thinking about getting it sprayed eventually to match the rest of his driveway but he is not 100% sure.

Project Details

  • Date February 27, 2019
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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