Plain Concrete Carport Slab.

Project Description

Plain concrete carport slab done for old customers of mine at Parkwood up by the water tower. I had previously concreted their plain concrete driveway.

Excavation was needed to be done however all the spoils that were removed from certain areas were placed and used in other areas where it was required. We also had to bring in some cracker dust to level the base out and bring it to height with the correct falls so all water would fall away from the granny flat. Once all the excavation work was done we then had to screed and compact the sub base after pegging the boards in place. Once the form work was done we then placed the SL 82 steel mesh into the job as well as the N12 rebar around the perimeter of the job. It was then all tied and chaired.

The following day we poured the plain concrete carport slab. This plain concrete that was supplied by Q-Crete was poured at 32 MPA and it started off at approximately 300mm thick on one of the sides and gradually went down to around the 120mm on the opposite side of the concrete slab. The concrete was poured directly out the back of the trucks chute. Once all the concrete was in, screeded and bullfloated we then started hitting it with an edger and the trowels. We hit it with the edger approximately 2-3 times and the trowels 4-5 times and then used the power trowel a couple more times before finishing it off with the broom to give it that non slip surface.

Project Details

  • Date September 14, 2018
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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