Patio Extension.

Project Description

This patio extension was done at Pacific Pines which is on the western side of the M1 on the Gold Coast. It was done in plain concrete due to the fact the home owners decided they want to eventually tile the whole patio area.

The home owner had already done all the excavation work for this job and done all the plumbing before we had turned up. We had to bring in 7.8 tonnes of road base and get it compacted. We then laid the boards where they were required, due to the amount of blue metal that was laying underneath the job, it was extremely difficult to hammer the pegs in the ground. We also had to drill and dowel into all existing concrete and place able flex where it was required. Once it was all formed up, we were then able to lay the SL 82 steel mesh into the patio extension. We then laid the N12 re bar on all internal corners. Once all the steel was in we then tied it all together and chaired it too.

The following day we used Troy Underwoods Concrete Pumping to pump the 25 MPA plain concrete supplied by Boral into the patio extension at 110 mm thick throughout the whole jobsite. We gave it 2-3 edges and trowels. We also used the tool jointer to place the control joints where they were required to go. We then used the walking stick trowel 3 times and another 3 hits using the power trowel. Once all this was done, we then used the broom to finish it off to give it that non slip surface.

In the end the job went from being 25 square meters to approximately 70 square meters overall and due to what was under the foundation of the patio extension it made it harder then we originally thought it would be.

Project Details

  • Date August 1, 2018
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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