Ocean Floor Exposed Driveway.

Project Description

This ocean floor exposed driveway was done for a couple who lives at Hollywell on the Gold Coast. Originally there were pavers down as there driveway but they were beginning to lift and didn’t look very appealing. This driveway was in total was approximately 70 square meters.

We had to excavate the dirty old pavers out to make way for the new driveway. We didn’t have to put cracker dust/road base down as underneath the original pavers there was already a fair amount of this. We did however have to excavate a bit of the sub base as the pavers were about 50mm thick and the concrete that was going in had to be 100-110mm thick. We also had to saw cut the curb out. Everything that was excavated out had to be taken away and dumped. We then had to drill and dowel into all existing concrete and place able flex where it was required.

We then began to form up the job by placing the boards at the right heights and levels ensuring the ocean floor exposed driveway would have the correct falls throughout. We then placed and laid the SL82 steel mesh into the job and also used re-entry bars at all internal corners of the driveway to help prevent further cracking. We then tied and chaired all steel.

The ocean floor name is the colour of the exposed that was used for this driveway. The concrete was supplied by Q-Crete and poured at 25mpa and 110mm thick, directly out of the chute. It was edged, trowelled and stick trowelled a number of times before we used the pressure washer to hose off the top to expose the decorative ocean floor stone.

I then returned the following day to use the Soff-cut saw to place the control joints into the ocean floor exposed driveway.

Project Details

  • Client Bruce
  • Date July 17, 2017
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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