New Concrete Pool Surround and Patio.

Project Description

New concrete pool surround and patio was done for previous customers of mine, who we had done the new driveway for at Kingsholme which is on the northern end of the Gold Coast. Altogether this concrete pool surround and patio was approximately 130 square meters and was done in plain concrete as the homeowners are wanting to eventually tile it later on.

No spoils had to be removed from this jobsite. Instead approximately 36 tonne of road base had to be compacted in using a plate compactor. This had to be done to bring the sub base up to the correct levels with all the right heights and falls. Once this was done we were then able to form the concrete pool surround and patio up. We pegged all the boards in place, laid the SL72 steel mesh in the formed up job. We placed able flex along the house wall, around the piers and pool surround and we also placed N12 perimeter bar in the job. Once all this was done we then tied all the steel together and then chaired it all.

The following day we returned to pour the plain concrete pool surround and patio. This was done using a line pump. The concrete was supplied by Q- Crete and pumped in at 25 MPA and 120mm thick. We had it all in within an hour and a half. Once all the concrete was in and had been screeded and bulfloated we then began giving it a few hits with the edger and trowels. For the patio area we did use the Helicopter (Power Trowel) before using the broom to finish it off. However on the pool surround, we just used the hand and stick trowels before finishing it off with the broom. A broom finish gives it that non slip surface.

The following day I did return to place the control joints in the plain concrete pool surround and patio using the soft cut saw.

Overall the customers were very happy with the completion of all there current planned concreting areas which included both the new concrete driveway and the new concrete pool surround and patio area. I, myself believe the job was very satisfactory with everything going to plan.

New Concrete Driveway for New Home

Project Details

  • Date October 19, 2018
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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