New Concrete Driveway for New Home.

Project Description

New concrete driveway for new home plus the front entry, that was done in Kingsholme which is on the northern end of the Gold Coast. This driveway is larger than a usual suburban concrete driveway as the house lots in this estate are mostly over 4000 square meters. This new concrete driveway was done in exposed concrete- Salt and Pepper.

There was quite a bit of excavation work that was required to be done for this new concrete driveway and front entry. All the excavated materials that needed to be removed from the jobsite was placed on other parts of the property for future use. Once this was done we then began forming the new concrete driveway and front entry up. We pegged the boards where they were required to go. We drilled and dowelled into all existing concrete and placed able flex along the house wall and in front of the garage. We track rolled the sub base to compact it down before placing the SL 82 steel mesh in the job site and the N12 re bar on all internal corners and around the perimeter of the new concrete driveway. Once all steel was placed we could then tie it altogether. We didn’t chair it all at once due to pouring the exposed aggregate directly off the truck chute. We chaired the mesh as the truck moved forward.

The following day we poured the new concrete driveway for the new home and the front entry. The salt and pepper exposed aggregate concrete was supplied by Q-Crete and poured at 25 MPA and 120mm thick. Once all concrete was placed and set to the right heights with the correct falls in place, we then began edging and troweling the driveway and front entry. We hit it with the edger 3 times and the trowel 6 times. Due to the home owners wanting to eventually put a deck out the front, we did not expose this section. We did finish it off using the broom to give it a non slip finish to give them time to build their deck. Once the driveway was set enough we were able to use the pressure washer to hose off the top to expose the decorative stone, Salt and Pepper.

I returned the following day to place the saw cuts in the appropriate areas to help prevent the new concrete driveway from cracking.

The homeowners have asked us to return to do their alfresco area and pool surround in plain grey concrete as they are going to tile it all at a later date.

Project Details

  • Date August 9, 2018
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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