Narrow Concrete Footpath.

Narrow concrete footpath

Project Description

This very narrow concrete footpath was done out at Oxenford on the Gold Coast. The owners had already pulled out the old exposed aggregate concrete footpath as it was falling away from the house down towards the big embankment. This job was only a really little narrow concrete footpath down the side of the house that connects the driveway to the back patio. Due to the job site being so narrow and a big embankment off the side of the house it made this job a bit more difficult to do.
No excavation work had to be done as the owners had already done all this when they had removed the entire old exposed aggregate concrete footpath. We did however have to put a beam across where the narrow concrete footpath was going and drill and dowel into the house slab footings to ensure the new concrete footpath would not slip away from the house like the previous footpath had done. We also drilled and dowelled into all other existing concrete. We then laid the SL72 steel mesh into the job and tied and chaired all the steel.
Due to the job being so small there was no need for a concrete pump so we just barrowed the 25 MPA plain concrete supplied by Hanson into the formed up concrete footpath. It was a very tight squeeze with the barrow but we managed to do it. The beam that we had put in along the house wall was approximately 150mm thick and the rest of the footpath was done at 100mm thick. The narrow concrete footpath was then edged and trowelled about 4 to 5 times and then given a broom finish to give it a non-slip surface. With the day being very overcast and cool it did take the job a bit longer than usual to dry and finish.
This job was set up and completed all within the very same day.

Project Details

  • Client Murray
  • Date May 10, 2017
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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