Multiple Concrete Slabs.

Project Description

In the second stage of the multiple concrete slabs that we did at Paradise Waters in Surfers Paradise, we completed down the 2 sides of the house, the footpath from the entrance gate to the road and the rest of the driveway.
This stage of the job was pretty technical due to the different levels and falls that were needed to ensure any water would run off in the correct directions and had to make sure the gate runner had the same fall across as the rest of the driveway. Down the left side of the house, the home owners are planning to put a vertical garden on the walls as well as putting a fire pit in. And the right side of the house, they have made an entrance point for the electricity meter reader to get in without having to enter the whole premises and also another entrance into another section of the house.
Not much excavation work had to be done for this part. The main area that needed to be removed was the front of the driveway where the crossover section was still concrete. This had to be removed to make room for the new driveway and crossover. This whole area including down the sides of the house was approximately 108 square meters. Once all the excavation work was done we then laid the boards at the correct heights and ensured they were set with the correct falls. We then laid plastic and then drilled, dowelled and placed able flex on all existing concrete. We then laid the SL 82 steel mesh and tied and chaired all steel.
After it was all set up, we then poured the multiple concrete slabs. The plain concrete was supplied by Q-Crete at 25 MPA and pumped into the job at 120mm thick. It was edged and hand trowelled a few times. The job was power trowelled and then finished with a broom too create a non-slip surface.
This last part of the multiple concrete slabs took approximately 3-4 days to finish. Later on down the track the home owners are going to tile the whole lot.
Multiple Concrete Slabs Part 1

Project Details

  • Client Lynn
  • Date May 23, 2017
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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