Long Concrete Driveway.

Project Description

This long concrete driveway was done at Gaven on the Gold Coast. It was the first job I have got to use my brand new 3.5 tonne excavator. The job was approximately 90 meters up from the road with a 30% incline. It really tested our fitness levels walking up and down the steep driveway for a week straight. The first few days was used to get the driveway prepared and ready for the new concrete to be laid. A lot of preparation went into setting this driveway up with all the correct heights, levels and falls that were needed.

The first day was all about getting everything up to the top of the job site and the start of the excavation. We had marked out where the long concrete driveway was going and got all the curbing correct. We then began to excavate and also place fill where it was required. The next day we started to box up the driveway and also place and bury storm water pipes for future use by the owners. This in itself took a whole day to do as we had dig another 100mm further into the job through rock and also had to be careful we didn’t hit any utility cables or pipes, such as electricity, sewage, Telstra and the main water system. The last day that we used to set up was all about placing and compacting the cracker dust and we also dug out piers down the long concrete driveway which helps to lock the concrete in and prevent it from moving down the hill. We then placed visqueen, which is the plastic that is used to stop the slab from drying to quickly, down the whole driveway. We then laid the SL82 steel mesh and N12 re-bar for the entire perimeter, which helps prevent unwanted cracking. We also used expansion key joints in the whole job. And lastly we chaired and tied all steel.

Over the next 2 days we poured the long concrete driveway. To do this whole job we did have to use a concrete pump due to not being able to have truck access and the driveway being too steep to use a wheel barrow. The first pour that was done was approximately 160 square meters. It was edged and trowelled a few times. Due to the top being reasonably flat we were able to use the power trowel. The rest was just stick trowelled quite a number of times before giving it a broom finish. The 2nd part of the driveway, which was the rest of the hill down to the road which was approximately 120 square meters. It was all edged and trowelled 2-3 times before being stick trowelled a few more times and then being finished with a broom to give it a non-slip surface. The concrete was supplied by Q-Crete and poured at an average of approximately 110mm thick and 25 mpa for the whole long concrete driveway. The following day I had gone back to saw cut the control joints in.
Overall this long concrete driveway was a reasonably easy job with a lot of detail.

Project Details

  • Client Steve
  • Date June 27, 2017
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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