Footpath and Wheelie Bin Parking.

Project Description

This concrete footpath and wheelie bin parking was done for old customers of ours in Southport which is the city centre of the Gold Coast. The elderly couple wanted this to be replaced to make it more user friendly for them, which included widening of the footpath.

We had to saw cut into the existing concrete and then removed it using the 1.5 tonne excavator. There was approximately 3 tonne of concrete that was removed from the existing footpath and wheelie bin parking. As well as the concrete that was removed, we also had to remove the pavers from around where the original wheelie bin parking was. We also had to excavate out roughly another 3 tonne of soil to ensure the new concrete that was going to be laid was done at the correct heights with the right falls.

Once all the concrete and soil was excavated and dumped, we were then able to begin forming up the job. We laid and pegged all the boards in where they were required. We drilled and dowelled into all existing concrete. We placed the able flex along the footpath out the back. We then cut and laid the SL 72 steel mesh into where the concrete footpath and wheelie bin parking was going. We used N 12 re-bar on all external corners. We then tied and chaired all the steel together.

The following day we poured the 25 MPA concrete by barrow into the footpath and wheelie bin parking. It was poured in at 110mm thick. Once the concrete was in and screeded flat, we then began giving it a couple of edges, trowels and stick trowels before using the broom to finish it off to provide it with a non slip surface.

On the right side of where the wheelie bin parking was put we did extend the concrete all the way to the end just to give it a better look. This job was done over 2 days.

Project Details

  • Date June 18, 2018
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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