Exposed Aggregate Footpath.

Project Description

Exposed aggregate footpath done behind Harbour Town Shopping Centre at Biggera Waters. These customers are the parents of previous customers where I had done a driveway extension right next door.

The decorative stone that was used is called Cherry Blossom. The reason they wanted to concrete down the back was to create an area for them to sit and relax while still being able to keep an eye on their grandchildren when they playing in the backyard. They wanted the footpath down the side of the house to make it more accessible and safer.

There was not much excavation required with this job. However the back part of the exposed aggregate footpath had to be dug out by hand as it was too narrow for any of my machinery to fit down. All the spoils removed from this part was used elsewhere for fill except the grass, which the homeowner removed this himself The river pebbles were just moved around down the side of the house and also used as fill. The air conditioning unit and the pad that was down the side of the house was removed.

After the boards had been pegged in where they were required, we had to drill and dowel into the house slab and other existing concrete. Altogether there was 42 dowels in total. SL 72 steel mesh was then cut and placed into the exposed aggregate footpath set up. We also use N12 rebar for all internal corners. All the steel was tied together and the chairs were placed underneath to lift steel off the ground.

The cherry blossom exposed aggregate concrete was poured at 25 MPA and line pumped into the jobsite at 110mm thick. Once all the concrete was in, screeded and bulfloated we were able to give it 3-4 hits with the edger and half a dozen times with the trowels. Edging and trowelling this job was not an easy task as we had to squeeze and manouver ourselves to fit between the palm trees to reach the job. We used the tool jointer to place all the control joints in where they were required to go. Once the exposed aggregate concrete footpath was firm enough we were able to jump on it with the pressure washer to hose the top off which consisted of sand and cement to expose the Cherry Blossom decorative stone.

Project Details

  • Date December 10, 2018
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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