Exposed Aggregate Footpath and BBQ area.

Project Description

Stage 2 project for the old aged facility at Upper Coomera on the northern end of the Gold Coast consisted of exposed aggregate footpath and BBQ area.

There was heaps of excavation required for this job. Approximately a day and a half of excavation. We had to remove all pavers and saw cut and jackhammer some of the old concrete out that was laying underneath the pavers. Altogether there was approximately 20 tonne of excavated materials that had to be carted away and dumped.

Underneath some of the pavers there was already sand and we were able to use this as bedding for underneath the exposed aggregate concrete footpath and BBQ area. There was a fair bit of forming up that was required for this job with curves and and right angles and where paths met with the BBQ area. Once all the form work was done we had to drill and dowel into all existing concrete and place able flex where it was required. We the placed the SL72 steel mesh and N12 red-bar into the jobsite. The N12 re-bar was used as a perimeter bar and for all internal corners. And lastly we tied all the steel together and chaired it.

The following day we pumped the exposed aggregate footpath and BBQ area. The concrete which was supplied by Q-Crete was pumped at 25 MPA and approximately 120mm thick. Once all the concrete was pumped we then began edging it. We edged it approximately 3 times and trowelled approximately 4 times. And when it was set enough we then used a gerni (pressure washer) to hose the top of the concrete off to expose the decorative stone which was Eclipse exposed aggregate.

I did return the following day to come back and use the soft saw to place the control joints in the exposed aggregate concrete footpath and BBQ area.

Old Aged Facility

Project Details

  • Date September 26, 2018
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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