Exposed Aggregate Caravan Parking.

Project Description

First job of 2019 was for a exposed aggregate concrete caravan parking area which was done at Mudgeeraba down on the southern end of the Gold Coast. The homeowner wanted to make it more accessible for him to be able to pull his caravan out and put it away with a bit more ease. The decorative stone used in this exposed aggregate concrete was called Tigress.

There was quite a fair bit of excavation work that was required. We even had to use the rock breaker attachment on the excavator as some of the rocks we were pulling up were big. Approximately 10 tonne had to be excavated out, carted away and dumped. Once all this excavation work was done we were then able to begin forming the job up. After pegging the boards in where they were required to go. We then placed the SL 82 steel mesh into the concrete caravan parking area. We drilled and dowelled into all existing concrete and placed able flex where it was required to go. We also used N12 perimeter bar. Once all the steel was in, we were then able to tie it altogether and chair it.

The 25mpa exposed aggregate concrete was supplied by Q-Crete and poured directly out of the trucks chute into the concrete caravan parking area at 110mm thick. Once all the concrete was in, screeded flat and bulfloated we then began hitting it with the edger. This was done 3-4 times. We also hit it with the trowels half a dozen times. We also used the tool jointer to place the control joints in as we worked it. Once the exposed aggregate concrete caravan parking was hard, we were then able to begin hosing the top of it off to expose the decorative stone Tigress.

I did return the following day to give it an acid wash. This removes the sand/cement that may be stuck on top of the decorative stones to clean it up.

Project Details

  • Date February 13, 2019
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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