Driveway Widening.

Project Description

The home owners for this driveway widening are previous clients of mine from 10 years ago when I had poured their plain concrete shed slab. The job was done at Oxenford on the Gold Coast. The reason they widened their driveway was due to the electric gate they were installing needed more room for the actual gate to sit on and also extra room to drive their caravan out to their backyard.

Not much excavation work had to be done for this job as the home owners had done it all themselves. All I pretty much had to do was form up the job, drill and dowel into all existing concrete and place able flex where it was required to go.

This driveway widening was approximately 13 square meters, so I was able to do this job on my own and was able to prepare, pour and finish it within the same day. I laid the SL 82 steel mesh and N12 re-bar into the job and tied it altogether and chaired it. The concrete for the driveway widening was poured at 110 mm thick and at 32 MPA and poured directly out the back of the Q-Crete truck chute. Once all the concrete was in the job, screeded flat and bull floated, I was able to hit it with the edger 2-3 times, the trowels 5-6 times and I also used the tool jointer to place the control joints throughout the driveway widening. Once it was hard enough, I then used the broom to finish it off and give it a non slip surface.

Project Details

  • Date August 17, 2018
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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