Driveway repair and extension.

Project Description

This exposed aggregate driveway repair and extension was done at Oxenford on the Gold Coast. As you can see in the pictures the front part of the driveway was starting to lift up and off the kerb. So we saw cut the kerb out and approximately 1.5 metres back of invert of the kerb. We also done a 15 square meter driveway extension to make room for trailer parking down the side of the house and we also done a little plumbers patch up and a pad for the letterbox which there is no photos for.

There was a fair bit of excavation work to be done as we had to pull out the original driveway at the front and saw cut the kerb out and then there was a bit of easy digging of soil from where the driveway extension was going. All materials that was removed from the job had to be carted and dumped as well. We then began forming up the driveway repair and extension. We laid the boards in at the correct heights with the right falls. We then drilled and dowelled into existing concrete and then laid SL82 steel mesh and placed N12 re-bars for all internal corners. All steel was then tied and chaired.

The following day we poured the exposed aggregate driveway repair and extension and the other 2 smaller jobs. The Winter Red exposed aggregate concrete was supplied by Boral and was poured at 25 mpa straight out the chute at 110mm thick. We used a tool jointer to place the control joints as we were going along. It was edged and trowelled and stick trowelled up a numerous amount of times before we put the Gerni (pressure washer) on it to wash off the top bit of sand and cement, to expose the decorative Winter Red aggregate stones.

This job took 2 days to complete.

Project Details

  • Client Julian
  • Date July 19, 2017
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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