Driveway extension and Trailer Parking Area.

Project Description

One of the last jobs of 2018 was a driveway extension and trailer parking area that was done at Ormeau which is on the northern end of the Gold Coast. The home owner requested to have it done in plain concrete to save extra money rather then have it done in exposed aggregate like the rest of the driveway.

There was a fair bit of excavation work that was required consisting mainly of soil and gravel. Altogether there was approximately 2 truck loads of spoils that had to be carted away and dumped, including extra stuff that the homeowner had removed from another area previous to me arriving to begin the driveway extension and trailer parking area.

The boards had to be pegged into place at the correct heights with all the right falls. The homeowner did all his own plumbing as his trade is a plumber. We drilled and doweled into all existing concrete and placed able flex where it was required. We also placed tape along the walls to help prevent from making a mess. We cut and laid the SL 82 steel mesh and the N12 perimeter bar in the driveway extension and trailer parking area. We then tied it altogether and place chairs under the steel mesh to lift it off the ground.

The following day we poured the 25 MPA plain concrete into the driveway extension and trailer parking area. We barrowed the first lot of concrete into where the trailer parking area was and then poured the driveway extension part directly out the back of the trucks chute. It was poured at 120mm thick all throughout. Once all the concrete was in we were then able to begin hitting it a few times with the edges and half a dozen times with the trowels. We also used the tool jointer to place all the control joints in where they were required to help prevent from possible future cracking in the concrete. We then used the broom to finish it off and give it that non slip surface.

The driveway extension and trailer parking area was approximately 40 square meters.

Project Details

  • Date December 11, 2018
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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