Driveway Extension.

Project Description

This driveway extension that we had done, was at Ashmore on the Gold Coast. The home owners just wanted a bit more parking area for when they have guest over. It wasn’t quite a straight forward job as we had to ramp it directly from the original driveway to make it usable for cars to get up there.
For the excavation side, we had to scrape the grass off and remove it all from the job site. We dug out approximately 2 cubic meters of soil and then used it for fill in areas where it was required. We then placed all the form work and set them at the right levels and heights. We had to drill and dowel into all existing concrete which was along the original driveway and placed able flex where it was required. We laid the SL82 steel mesh and tied and chaired all steel. We also placed internal corner bars to try and reduce unwanted cracking.
We used a concrete pump to pour this driveway extension due to the awkward angles of the job site, it would have made it a bit more complicated to pour directly into the job. The concrete was supplied by Q-Crete and was poured at 25 MPA and at approximately 110mm thick in majority of the job except down one side where we had placed a beam which was at approximately 200mm thick. This beam was placed to stop the soil underneath washing out and so the driveway extension could sit on some solid foundation. We edged the driveway extension a few times, and then gave it a stick trowel before jumping on it with the power trowel a few times and then finishing with one more stick trowel. Once this was done we finished with a broom to give it a non-slip surface.
The following day, we went back to saw cut the control joints into the driveway extension. Overall it took approximately 2 days to complete this job.

Project Details

  • Client Emily
  • Date July 6, 2017
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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