Concrete Slabs.

Patio extension, ramp and Shed Slabs

Project Description

These concrete slabs were done at Maudsland, which is at the back of Oxenford. There was 1 shed slab for 2 sheds, one the sheds has an apron at the front and the other one doesn’t. In between where the sheds are going to be placed there is a 1 meter gap, where the owner is going to put a roof over the top (from one shed to the other) to use as another storage area that doesn’t need to be locked up and is still safe from the weather. We also did a patio extension and a ramp from the veranda down to the patio.
A bit of excavation work had to be done for the patio extension and ramp but no excavation was required for the shed slabs. Instead approximately 10 tonne of road base had to be placed and compacted for the shed slabs.
We then formed up all concrete slabs on the same day. Boards were laid and pegged at the correct heights and levels. We had then placed the SL72 steel mesh in all concrete slabs. The concrete patio slab was all drilled and dowelled into all existing concrete. We then tied and chaired all the steel.
We did use a concrete pump to place the 25 MPA plain concrete which was supplied by Q-Crete into all concrete slabs. It was all poured at 100mm thick except the concrete ramp, which had a thickened edge down into natural ground (beam) to help prevent wash out and slab movement. All concrete slabs were edged and trowelled 3-4 times. We then used a tool jointer to place control joints along the concrete ramp and strategically placed right on the perimeter on the external side of the sheds. This will assist to keep the water out of the shed. Light broom finish on all concrete slabs to provide a non slip surface.
This job was quite easy and straight forward job. The concrete slabs were completed within 2 days.

Project Details

  • Date May 9, 2017
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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