Concrete Footpath Extension.

Project Description

This plain concrete footpath extension was done for a local junior motorcycle club on Captain Cook Drive, Arundel on the Gold Coast, Mike Hatcher Junior Motorcycle Club. It was an extension of the original footpath that lead to the sound monitor at the back of the track.

No excavation work was needed to be done for thie plain concrete footpath extension as the committee members of this local club had already organised to have it done. So we began by pegging all the boards where they were required before having to bring in some fill, which was supplied by another local company who was using the club to store some of their materials for there building project across the road. Once all the fill that was required was put into the job, we were then able to screed and level the sub base. We drilled and dowelled into the existing concrete footpath. We then cut and placed the SL72 steel mesh into the plain concrete footpath extension and we also placed N12 perimeter bar in the job. Once all the steel was in, we then tied it altogether and chaired it.

The following day we poured the plain concrete footpath using a concrete boom pump which was supplied by a friend of the track committee. The concrete was poured at 25 MPA and approximately 110mm thick all around. We gave it 3-4 edges, a couple of trowels and hit it 5 times with the walking stick trowel. We used the tool jointer for this plain concrete footpath extension to place the control joints into the concrete. When it was ready, we finished it off using the broom.

A bit about Mike Hatcher Junior Motorcycle Club:
Mike Hatcher Junior Motorcycle Club is a local dirt track club that has been around since 1985 and it provides a safe and secure venue for boys and girls aged from 4 years old right through to their senior years, to ride and race against their friends and family. Race days are held one Saturday a month with a canteen fully operational on this day.

Mike Hatcher Junior Motorcycle Club

Project Details

  • Date July 18, 2018
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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