Concrete Driveway.

Project Description

100 square meter job which included the concrete driveway, footpath and stairs were done at Hope Island on the Gold Coast. Majority of this area was pavers and these pavers were sinking and moving around and the homeowners wanted to create more parking room for their golf buggy and other vehicles.

There was a lot of excavation that was required for this concrete driveway and other concreted areas. Approximately 13 tonne was removed out the back where the stairs were going to be placed and another 20 tonne of unwanted materials such as, soil, grass, concrete and pavers, was also removed from the rest of the job. We also had to saw cut and remove the curb from the front of the driveway, Underneath the soil between the house and garage there were concrete stairs which were approximately 500mm- 600mm thick and buried which had to be jack hammered out to remove from the job site as we could not get enough coverage over the top. All of this unwanted material was then dumped.

Forming up for this job was a bit of a pain due to the falls of the garage being out of whack and we had to work with and somewhat around it to create enough fall to have the water falling away from the house and garage, We also had to place grate drains throughout the job site and plumb them into the storm water pipes to help with the removal of water. Once the boards were all in place, we drilled and doweled into all existing concrete where it was possible. We then placed the SL 82 steel mesh into the job site. And we used N12 perimeter bar around the job and on all internal corners. Once this was all placed we could then tie all the steel together and chair it all.

Pour day was done over 2 days. We started with the stairs and footpath around the back. And then on day 2 we poured the rest of the footpath, 2nd set of steps and the concrete driveway. The 32 MPA plain concrete was placed in using a boom pump at approximately 115mm thick throughout. Once all the concrete was in we then hit it with the edger a couple of times and the trowel half a dozen of times. We then used the broom to finish it off with a non slip surface.

We returned the following day to place the control joints in using the soft cut saw.

Project Details

  • Date November 6, 2018
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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