Concrete driveway.

Project Description

We did this concrete driveway extension with pathway at the back of Nerang in Gilston on the Gold Coast. Once again it was another good little challenge as we had to create reasonably flat spaces on the footpath for the 3 wheelie bins to sit on so they didn’t roll down the hill. These flat little spaces had to be shaped by mags due to the area and the conditions we had to work with.
A fair bit of excavation had to be done for this concrete driveway extension with pathway in preparation for us to get everything at the right falls across the whole job. Excavation of the pathway was a bit tricky as the clearance between the gate and the excavator was only approximately 10mm. We had to take the grass off the top and move some of the fill around to where it was required. Also had to compact approximately 2 tonne of road base.
Once all the excavation work was done we then formed up the job and put the boards at the correct heights and levels and ensured all the falls were correct so all water would run off the concrete and away from the house. We laid SL82 steel mesh and placed N12 re-bar along the thickened beam which was in the driveway extension. This was done to ensure the concrete driveway extension was sitting on solid foundation and to ensure the soil underneath would not wash out. All steel was chaired and tied.
The concrete was line pumped into the driveway extension with pathway. We used Q-Crete to provide the 25 MPA concrete which was laid at 110mm throughout except where the thickened beam was and that was between 150mm to 300mm thick. For control joints we placed crack-a-joint in while we were screeding it to save going back the following day to saw cut. Due to there being no room to walk down the side of the pathway, we had to hang off the side of the 1.8m high fence while bending down to edge. We were able to partially stick trowel it a few times before we had to use knee boards to hand trowel and edged it again. The rest of the driveway extension was edged and stick trowelled a number of times before we jumped on it with the power trowel and finished off with a broom to give it a non-slip surface.
Overall this job took 2 days to complete.

Project Details

  • Date July 10, 2017
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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