Cherry Blossom Pool Surround.

Project Description

This next job that we had done was a whole variety of different things, pool surround, pathways, driveway and gate runner. This job was for a brand new house located at Hope Island on the Gold Coast. The whole job was all done in Cherry Blossom exposed aggregate concrete. It was approximately 200 square meters altogether.

Not much excavation work had to be done. We did however, have to lay and compact approximately 12 tonne of cracker dust around the whole job. The owner had already supplied this and had placed some of the cracker dust down. We still had to barrow and move it around and place it in other parts where it was needed.

The first part of this job that we had started with was the pool surround. This was approximately 60 square meters. This included a very long step, 12.5 meters long to be exact, which was equivalent to the width of the property. This was also approximately 200mm thick too. We formed the pool surround up by placing all the boards at the correct heights with the correct falls. We then laid the SL72 steel mesh and N12 re-bars for all internal corners of the pool surround. All steel was chaired and tied. The following day we poured the pool surround. Due to us wanting to do the pours in smaller sections we decided to barrow the concrete into the pool surround. It wasn’t an easy job, as we did have to push the barrows approximately 45 meters full of concrete to where the pool surround was.

The concrete was supplied by Q-Crete at 25 MPA and poured at approximately 110mm thick. We edged, trowelled and stick trowelled the pool surround a number of times before we used the pressure washer to hose off the top of the concrete to expose the decorative Cherry Blossom aggregate stone.

Stage 2 of the pour which included the pathways will be followed in the next post.

Project Details

  • Date August 2, 2017
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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