Caravan Parking Bay.

Project Description

Plain Concrete Caravan Parking Bay done for a friend and old client of mine at Molendinar on the Gold Coast. They were originally parking their caravan on the grass beside their driveway, where the new plain concrete caravan parking bay was going to be laid. They wanted to put their caravan on a concrete base to make it easier for packing or cleaning and not have dead grass or dirt under it.

This job was approximately 25 square metres. There was a bit of excavation work that needed to be done to get the right height for the concrete that was going to be poured into the job. All the spoils that were excavated out of the job were re-used by the home owner’s son for his own property. To get the caravan sitting flat while parked up, we had to taper it up from the existing driveway and then level it out while working with the retainer wall. We drilled and dowelled into all the existing concrete. We laid and pegged the boards where they were required to go and at the correct heights. We then screeded and compacted the caravan parking bay and laid the SL 82 steel mesh in. We used N12 re-bar for the perimeter of this job. We then tied it together and placed the chairs underneath.

We did return after the weekend to pour the 32 MPA concrete directly out the trucks chute into the job site. It was poured at 110mm thick and the concrete was supplied by Q-Crete. Once all the concrete was in, we gave it a few hits with the edger and trowels before finishing it off with a broom to give it that non slip surface.

The home owners were previous clients of mine, where I had concreted their back patio, the boat parking and the garden shed slab. Even though it is considered a little job, it was very technical.

Project Details

  • Date August 27, 2018
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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