Camper Trailer Slab.

Project Description

This plain concrete camper trailer slab was done for a couple in Parkwood. It was a pretty straight forward job but was done over a week due to the unpredictable weather.

There was only a little bit of easy excavation work that had to be done. The grass and soil that was excavated out had to be carted away and dumped. Once all the excavation work was done we were then able to begin forming the camper trailer slab up.

We laid the boards out and pegged them where they were required to go. Due to the ground being flat, we had to work out which way to make the slab fall to ensure no water would puddle on the concrete or puddle on the surrounding grass. We then levelled out the sub base. We had to drill and dowel into a concrete footing which was located under the pavers. We placed able flex where it was needed. We then cut and placed the SL 82 steel mesh into the formed job we also placed N12 perimeter bar into the job. Once all steel was in where the plain concrete camper trailer slab was going to be, we then tied all the steel together and chaired it.

Due to the unpredictable weather and the unknown of what was going to happen, we decided to hold off pouring the job until we knew we were in the clear. 6 days later the plain concrete was barrowed in at 25 MPA and approximately 110 mm thick. Once the concrete was poured into the job we then gave it a 3-4 edges a couple of trowels and 2-3 stick trowels. We also used the tool jointer to place the control joints into the camper trailer slab. We used the helicopter (power trowel) before we finished it off using the broom to provide it with a non slip surface.

Other then the unpredictable weather, this job was a cruisy job.

Project Details

  • Date July 2, 2018
  • Tags Concrete Projects
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